In Silence

In the Psalms there is the prayer “Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips” (Psalm 141:3).

In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with noise. Some of it is useful, but most of it is not. We have officials who lie, cheat, and swindle the populace with their words. On the internet everyone can talk, voice their opinions about every little thing, and also argue over any imaginable subject. This is unprecedented in human history, this interconnectedness that we have, for never before have we been able to share so much of ourselves with so many, but this is still noise. So many of us are unsatisfied with ourselves, and God, and if only we would pray what the psalmist prayed we would experience God, for God does not reveal himself in big flashy lights, or loud explosions, but instead he reveals himself in a whisper. Try to go one day without speaking, and posting something on the internet. If you have to speak for work or school or for some other reason, then try to go 5 hours without speaking. Experience silence for what it is: waiting for God to speak. If we want to hear and experience God we must first silence ourselves, and if we want to be filled with the Holy Spirit then we must first empty ourselves of noise. If we want the raging storms in our lives and in our souls to cease we must first quiet ourselves. Do not speak rashly, angrily, or condemningly, instead, practice silence. Pray the prayer of the psalmist, and bring silence into your life, then and only then will you be able to hear what God has to say to you, in a whisper.

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